Open Minds:A Review

I read this awesome book recently and I loved it.
Awesome story line.Although, generally I dont like books where Im supposed to be a memeber of obscured generations(it makes me difficult to relate to the characters)
but,regardless this book had its appeal.Who doest want to read minds!
Now, Kira Moore is a mind controller.(Again why is the main character a girl in most books,deludes me.Dont get me wrong ,I dont mind it.)
As is the case  with most YA books,the heroin is different to the rest of society and she has to solve the problems plaguing the world.But how Kira goes about her journey is different.She isn’t overly nice.Doesn’t feel too much compassion for her boyfriend Simon ,and when she does sacrifice things ,she does it after a lot of thinking.Kira does not suffer from martyr complex.
RAf ,her friend and crush isnt inserted into every scene.Although i would have liked to see him play a more central role.
A good and entertaining book.Movie adaptive worthy.And will not bore you.

You can get it for free from smashwords.Do leave your comments.And also support the authors.

And the most important thing to remember:No Piracy.


Hiding your accomplishments

Have you ever wanted to hide your accomplishments.I know its strange, right?Why would anyone keep their wins a secret from the world.The joy of success doubles when shared.So why hide it?
Freebies.Thats why.
When you tell someone, hey! I can code and design a webpage, the requests come pouring in, “oh can you make me one”.And no mention of a payment. A single page simple site can be considered, but what to do when you are expected to create a fully functional website for free and within a month,no less.
You cant say no, because friends “help” each other.Im not saying we shouldn’t do ” friends ” any favors.But there has to be a limit in the number of friends to help, and the favors.
Once is favor, but doing it again and again? And its not always about the money.Time management is also a factor.

Another reason, which makes you hide your skills is perfection.
Untill or unless your work is pro level,you wont even tell anyone about it.And perfection is not easy to get.

Someone else’s fairytale:Review

Someone else’s fairytale by E.M.Tippets

Chloe winters is a child born out of a love affair.She suffered an insecure chilhood.This has turned her into a practical woman.She aspires to work in forensics.
But when she meets Jason Vanderholt, a player and a famous actor , she is faced with overcoming her limitations and to accept favors from loved one.Will Jason be able to love her despite her complexes, or will he lose patience?

A fairly decent story.The situations and chemistry was based on realistic emotions and not overkill like actual fairy tales.
Though the chemistry between the couple could have had a little more spark.
Chloe ‘s character could be a little boring to read sometimes, but that is I guess a part of her character.
I kept expecting, Chris, Chloe’s half-brother, to appear unexpectedly.
A decent read.Though it didn’t do much to capture my attention after almost half of the book.
If you are looking for Hollywood hero and a real life damsel, this book might do the trick.