Runes Review

Runesgirls_cover_frontSo far the New year reads are going in a fabulous direction.I ve already read three fantastic books.
The latest being Runes by Ednah Walters
This is actually my first time reading a book that explores Norse mythology.You know, the realm of Loki and Thor.Though they dont make an appearance in this book, at least not in the first book in the series.
As is typical in most fantasy books involving a mythical being and a human, Lorraine Cooper is a normal girl whose life turns upside down by her handsome mysterious neighbor.
Unlike Twilight, Lorraine doesn’t finds out the real identity of Torin, the neighbor, till almost the end of part one.Though she does know that he isnt human.
There is chemistry, and attraction .Displays of affection are natural and and dont look unnatural and forced.
Runes is a book which you fall in love with automatically.
The twists and turns through which Lorraine or as shes called Rain with an e, goes through ,pull your attention and are interesting.
A really good read.One which delves into the emotional exploration of a teenage girl who is fighting her attraction with a mythical being, grief for her loved one, and confusion over her feelings for her best friend.

My rating:7 out of 10.


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