Year of the chick:Review

My third book of this year and I absolutely loved it.yes, it made me skip sleep and it gave me tired and watery eyes, but it was so good.
Year of the chick by Romi Moondi.
When I first downloaded this, I was assuming it would be typical and boring. It was neither.
First off, the cover though, could have been a lot better.
The story, at the beginning was a bit slow for my liking, but after a while it picked up pace .
Romi lives in canada, she is an indian Canadian.
The novel is her quest to find love, in order to avoid arranged marriage.
Romi is funny and sarcastic, and the book is an enjoyable reading experience.
And the heroine, who is a bit on the chubby side in the beginning, doesnt get unrealistically stick thin in the end.
What happens when Romi embarks on a year long journey to find her soul mate, preferably local, you’ll have to read this book to know for sure.


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