Welcoming New Year And My Resolution List

What a way to welcome new year.I caught cold.
Anyways since I usually follow through with my resolution, and last years resolution success was 80 percent. Im starting on new goals.
Most of this year’s to do list are related to personality changes.
There is a good habits challenge, which continues for 6 months.21 days for each habit.First one, and which I absolutely needed, is No Complaint. It is really really hard.But I have managed to stop myself, so far.
Another one is waking up early.
My duties have changed to morning time, so this one is also necessary. I can and am  doing this one.Though my eyes are screaming from lack of too much sleep, I am not caving in.
Another one is I am trying to be good at makeup. So a monthly makeup challenge is in my schedule.This one seems hard.As I cant seem to find time.
The most important resolution for most of us is career. But after experimenting and experience, I plan my career only a month ahead.That way it doesn’t overwhelms me.
So wish me luck. And all those who are making resolutions, Good luck in completing them.
Btw, Iam also learning french.


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