Runes Review

Runesgirls_cover_frontSo far the New year reads are going in a fabulous direction.I ve already read three fantastic books.
The latest being Runes by Ednah Walters
This is actually my first time reading a book that explores Norse mythology.You know, the realm of Loki and Thor.Though they dont make an appearance in this book, at least not in the first book in the series.
As is typical in most fantasy books involving a mythical being and a human, Lorraine Cooper is a normal girl whose life turns upside down by her handsome mysterious neighbor.
Unlike Twilight, Lorraine doesn’t finds out the real identity of Torin, the neighbor, till almost the end of part one.Though she does know that he isnt human.
There is chemistry, and attraction .Displays of affection are natural and and dont look unnatural and forced.
Runes is a book which you fall in love with automatically.
The twists and turns through which Lorraine or as shes called Rain with an e, goes through ,pull your attention and are interesting.
A really good read.One which delves into the emotional exploration of a teenage girl who is fighting her attraction with a mythical being, grief for her loved one, and confusion over her feelings for her best friend.

My rating:7 out of 10.


365 Days

I started 365 day sketch challenge. I took it easy and drew a simple design of  a placemat.
Actually I got this idea from a creative challenge prompt.
This got me thinking about drawing furniture. So tomorrow Im going to try my hand at drawing a chair.
Im not using a pencil, rather im using a ballpoint pen.This will prevent me from the use of erasee and maybe I’ll draw more intuitively.
Plus I’ll do my best to avoid any guidelines, because I want to be able to draw freely.And actually enjoy it as I did today.I wanted to sketch more than one piece, but I didnt.Taking it slowly, so that it becomes a habit and ensuring I dont get bored and give it up.
Small steps!

Want to be more active

Iam trying to play pingpong.And im horrible at it.
Since I am envious of those full of energy, twenty four seven active people, Ive decided to at least be a little more active.
Right now my legs are screaming and I want to just lie down.
I guess I am not as active as I was when I went to school.
Who are those people who walk with a spring.
And how do I build stamina.


Anger and frustration. Is there any cure for that .
How do some people remain so calm and collected, even when they are angry.And they dont have to be embarrassed later, over the stupid things they might have said when they were angry.
The words hurt the most.Specially when its between friends and family.And most of the time, its those who are closest to each other that quarrel.
The internet is full with things like, take a deep breath, count to ten, and so on.But honestly, is it easy to remember anything else when you are upset about something. I have seen many people yell or sob or cry when they are angry.And if you tell them to calm down, they become even more irritated. No use.
What does one do then?
So whats the cure, huh?

Year of the chick:Review

My third book of this year and I absolutely loved it.yes, it made me skip sleep and it gave me tired and watery eyes, but it was so good.
Year of the chick by Romi Moondi.
When I first downloaded this, I was assuming it would be typical and boring. It was neither.
First off, the cover though, could have been a lot better.
The story, at the beginning was a bit slow for my liking, but after a while it picked up pace .
Romi lives in canada, she is an indian Canadian.
The novel is her quest to find love, in order to avoid arranged marriage.
Romi is funny and sarcastic, and the book is an enjoyable reading experience.
And the heroine, who is a bit on the chubby side in the beginning, doesnt get unrealistically stick thin in the end.
What happens when Romi embarks on a year long journey to find her soul mate, preferably local, you’ll have to read this book to know for sure.

Welcoming New Year And My Resolution List

What a way to welcome new year.I caught cold.
Anyways since I usually follow through with my resolution, and last years resolution success was 80 percent. Im starting on new goals.
Most of this year’s to do list are related to personality changes.
There is a good habits challenge, which continues for 6 months.21 days for each habit.First one, and which I absolutely needed, is No Complaint. It is really really hard.But I have managed to stop myself, so far.
Another one is waking up early.
My duties have changed to morning time, so this one is also necessary. I can and am  doing this one.Though my eyes are screaming from lack of too much sleep, I am not caving in.
Another one is I am trying to be good at makeup. So a monthly makeup challenge is in my schedule.This one seems hard.As I cant seem to find time.
The most important resolution for most of us is career. But after experimenting and experience, I plan my career only a month ahead.That way it doesn’t overwhelms me.
So wish me luck. And all those who are making resolutions, Good luck in completing them.
Btw, Iam also learning french.