Learning from the hurdles

Oh the stumbling blocks,the hurdles that come in your way.You set yourself a nice routine or maybe are working towards a goal.Everything’s going smoothly until the hindrances come in your way.And then it takes time and will power to start over or continue your work.Its not easy to get back into that frame of mind, that you had before being interrupted.
But, if you pause and think for a moment, maybe, just maybe, you needed that break. Perhaps you were working so hard, that you deserved a winding down time.That hurdle can give you some time to reflect on your goal, to rethink your strategy. And you might be able to go back to your work with a new perspective.
Sometimes, the distractions, the unplanned happenings in your life, give you a new found appreciation for things you might be taking for granted, or people you were ignoring, or things you were neglecting.
Its all about learning from the uncertainities in life.Look at things from a different perspective, and you might find a positive thing in them.


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