Health is everything

No wonder angry birds is so popular. Its awesome.
On another note, health is really really important.Never take it for granted.Everything, money, happiness, enjoyment, work, career, every thing is put on hold when health is concerned. Unhealthy person can not enjoy anything. So never take your health for granted. Take care of what you eat .And look after yourselves.


Sandwich and highschool reunion

Umm I tried a new pita bread sandwich .It was so good.

My highschool friends had a reunion today, and unfortunately I couldn’t go.I saw pics and it made me a bit sad.
Time changes you.It takes people to places, they never thought they’d go.
My classmates and I grew apart, mostly because I didn’t make time to participate in their social activities. Now there is a distance and strangeness between us.
Wonder if it’l ever go.

You never know

You keep making plans but forget that He has plans too.
I had my tasks and goals set for at least a couple of weeks, and now I am bed resting.
Uncertainty rules our lives.You never know.
This almost always happens.When you decide to do something important ,distractions bombard you.I actually think thats kind of an important and good thing, because it makes you test yourself, how committed you are to your goal, to keep going at it despite the distractions.
Now Im going to have more time to write, and Im planning to do some crafts that I haven’t done in a long while.Most importantly Im keeping in touch with my friends daily.
Oh you never know whats going to happen the next moment.This is life.

Procrastination and T.V show

Found a really goid advice to kill procrastination today.Make a to do list , yes, but also a not-to-do list.So many times we do small things that hinder our progress.For example playing games on your cell.Its a good fun activity but also a great distraction.Limit game playing for one set time period like 15 minutes etc.Not more than that.
All those things that waste your time , put them in not to do list.I think this list will be longer than the to-do one, in some cases.
Anyways ,I finally got to see the last episode of my favorite T.V show.It had a really satisfying ending.