Stop overthinking and have a cake

Yes how can you turn off those nagging voices in your mind?Ive searched the web to no end.Everytime I find a motivational topic,  my mind feels positive again.But it starts all over again.And I have to ask, really, why do we give so much importance to our thoughts.They are just that.Thoughts.Unless we act upon them, they are going to remain in the realm of imagination.In this context, a really good web article says that why are we giving importance to a negative thought.Shouldnt it be gotten rid off.
What we should do is  , not bother too much.Everytime we consider a thought,  we keep falling in deeper and remain trapped in the confusion and contradictions of our chattering mind.
So,  stop thinking about your thoughts too much.Go and enjoy something tasty and healthy.I did.Well it was tasty,healthy not so much.But that chocolate cold cake and vanilla custard were really enjoyable.


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