Social media as a source of motivation

I have always thought of social media as something that makes you lazy and addicted.
Thats the main reason I try to avoid using it unless absolutely necessary. But my friend convinced me to join it.And I gave in thinking I’l see what the hype is all about.So I signed up the day before yesterday.Then I started looking up friends.That is when something unexpected happened.While looking at friends profiles and seeing what they have been doing with their lives,  I got a boost in motivation that I really needed.It made me realize that people who didnt seem serious about their careers, even they have managed to find their places in the world. Most of my friends are  now professionals.All this encouraged me .
Social media can be a source of healthy competition and motivation, and can sometimes give you the drive to achieve your goals, which is really needed when you are feeling down.
Today I continued looking up my friends and I also worked on my project after quiet a long time.


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