Back Again!

Its been a long time since I wrote a post.Lots of reasons for that .Major one being faulty computer,slow internet connection and my lazziness.Another thing which held me back was that I was deviating from my main purpose of blogging.This was supposed to make me accountable of my resolution ,which is to enjoy every day.Emphasis on common everyday things that I already do .Somewhere along this blogging journey,I unconsciously started to look for new things so as my posts wouldnt be repetitive.This isnt a bad thing except for the fact that it was far from the spirit of my resolution.I started out with a goal of enjoying everyday moments.Even if it means that I post about the icecream that I enjoyed late at night.So I am posting again,as not posting is not making me accountable and I was starting to lose focus of my goal.
Here goes.Hopefully I ‘l be posting more now.
Speaking of today I enjoyed surfing the web after a long while.Being without my pc and good speed internet was really boring.


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