Wasting time, playing games

I wasted most of my time today .But its not my fault."Escape Impossible:revenge " this was the reason.This is so addicting game .And actually kind of hard as compared to most of other escape games.And I'll be honest, I had to follow walkthroughs to finish it, as some clues were really difficult. But good fun.


Stop overthinking and have a cake

Yes how can you turn off those nagging voices in your mind?Ive searched the web to no end.Everytime I find a motivational topic,  my mind feels positive again.But it starts all over again.And I have to ask, really, why do we give so much importance to our thoughts.They are just that.Thoughts.Unless we act upon them, …

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Daily good habits

I am following a routine and its going great.A really good life coaching book gives  good advice.It includes exercise, reading,  affirmations and waking up early.Except waking early,  I've managed to do all the tasks.One step at a time. Reading a light YA novel.So far a good read.