Wasting time, playing games

I wasted most of my time today .But its not my fault.”Escape Impossible:revenge ” this was the reason.This is so addicting game .And actually kind of hard as compared to most of other escape games.And I’ll be honest, I had to follow walkthroughs to finish it, as some clues were really difficult.
But good fun.


Dehydration and Depression

I was feeling down all of a sudden, today.This mood continued for sometime, but then I drank water and ate, and my mood began to improve.This made me wonder.Was my mood down because of hunger or thirst.Even though I didnt really feel thirsty,  but I think dehydration might have something to do with it.Because I drank less water then I normally do.
So I had to do some research.And yes I was correct in assuming that dehydration is a cause of depression and fatigue.Check out these articles to know more about dehydration and its adverse affects.

Dehydration Influences Mood, Cognition

Anyways a little tv and food,  and I freshened up.
So take note and drink and eat properly.

Stop overthinking and have a cake

Yes how can you turn off those nagging voices in your mind?Ive searched the web to no end.Everytime I find a motivational topic,  my mind feels positive again.But it starts all over again.And I have to ask, really, why do we give so much importance to our thoughts.They are just that.Thoughts.Unless we act upon them, they are going to remain in the realm of imagination.In this context, a really good web article says that why are we giving importance to a negative thought.Shouldnt it be gotten rid off.
What we should do is  , not bother too much.Everytime we consider a thought,  we keep falling in deeper and remain trapped in the confusion and contradictions of our chattering mind.
So,  stop thinking about your thoughts too much.Go and enjoy something tasty and healthy.I did.Well it was tasty,healthy not so much.But that chocolate cold cake and vanilla custard were really enjoyable.

Daily good habits

I am following a routine and its going great.A really good life coaching book gives  good advice.It includes exercise, reading,  affirmations and waking up early.Except waking early,  I’ve managed to do all the tasks.One step at a time.
Reading a light YA novel.So far a good read.

Social media as a source of motivation

I have always thought of social media as something that makes you lazy and addicted.
Thats the main reason I try to avoid using it unless absolutely necessary. But my friend convinced me to join it.And I gave in thinking I’l see what the hype is all about.So I signed up the day before yesterday.Then I started looking up friends.That is when something unexpected happened.While looking at friends profiles and seeing what they have been doing with their lives,  I got a boost in motivation that I really needed.It made me realize that people who didnt seem serious about their careers, even they have managed to find their places in the world. Most of my friends are  now professionals.All this encouraged me .
Social media can be a source of healthy competition and motivation, and can sometimes give you the drive to achieve your goals, which is really needed when you are feeling down.
Today I continued looking up my friends and I also worked on my project after quiet a long time.


How does one pick themselves up when they lack any motivation.When they stop getting ambitious about their goals.I guess its all about encouraging yourself and giving a mental pep talk.I would like to get motivation, so I downloaded some apps.Lets see if they work.
In order to lift my mood,im talking to my friends.Looking at others,listening to their personal problems,it does make you feel that we are not the only ones.Everone faces good and bad.Even in small everyday things.
So to enjoy my day today,I spent time outdoors.Evening tea and nature.What a combo.