Thank you!

Oh My!

I logged in to post and i couldn’t believe it.I have a hundred followers!

It humbles me to know that a 100 people found something worth following in my posts.And it is a big thing for me.Now a days ,when the Internet is full of one distracting thing from another,even a single appreciator is something.

Honestly when I started this blog ,having followers wasn’t one of my top priorities,but that doesn’t mean I am ungrateful,I want to thank all of you who deemed my common posts worth acknowledging.

And this happened at a time when I took the guts to upload a project of mine,which I was to scared to show anyone.I don’t know if it will be fruitful ,but even taking this simple step today is a big thing for me.So the knowledge that ,no matter what ,someone likes my attempts to celebrate and enjoy life ,just made my day.

So once again: Thank You!


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