Family politics

Wow what a day.The first half was quiet and just routine.But the second half,A whirlwind.Unexpected visitors.A lot of family news.Couple of revelations and quiet a few things about family came into the open.I don’t know why some people have to be so cryptic.Why can’t they say the things as they are,when things have a tendency to show themselves.

As happened today .A family rumor was flying around and there were so many twists on the story.But when the reality surfaced ,it was pretty straightforward.Sigh.
Family politics can be draining ,yes,but they can also be sometimes quiet entertaining.

Give me a chicken sandwich and a comfy chair and you can tell me as many stories as you want. I am a good listener.


2 thoughts on “Family politics

  1. Fiya'Says

    Every evil is entertaining as long as its not happening with you, I especially visited your blog today to see how did your day go 🙂

    1. Haha thanks.And it wasn’t necessarily an evil thing.Actually it was a good news.But the way it was twisted and circulated around was really headache inducing.

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