Summer Vacations and The things I missed

The summer vacations are here and my cousins are visiting us.They are busy in there studies and can only visit in vacations.
All of them are in universities ,pursuing professional careers.Doctor,engineer,physiotherapist.I used to give them educational advice and on times have tutored them and now seeing them in their fields of study is really a different experience for me.
I have done my masters and even though I have got a degree,I wasn’t able to attend a university in a traditional way.And seeing my grandparents who are really proud of my cousins achievements,I was a bit sad for myself that I wish I had been able to attend Uni. Even though my parents are still proud of me.And later in the day ,said cousins asked for my advice and they still ask me about technology related things ,which I really have interest in.So who knows ,maybe I will get a chance to study I.T.
But still I miss that university experience.
On a happier note my younger cousins ,who are in school,love to talk and play with me.I have a reputation for being Not Boring and really fun ,and also willing to listen,so the kids are surrounding me ,and my grandparents love to tell me their stories.This means ,today I had no time for work.And I don’t mind that much ,to be honest.


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