Funny app

I don't know why I didn't download this app before. Talking cat is so funny.All of us have found a new hobby trying to say as different words as possible so that the cat will copy us.


Happy Ramazan

Today enforced the fact that things can change in an instant.A simple sentence or word can make or break your day. Anyways I caught up with two of my favorite cousins today. It was a good change from routine. And Ramazan is here ,so Happy Ramazan to everyone.Stay Blessed.And remember me in your prayers.

New Plant

I checked on my plants and was in for a pleasant surprise. New shoots sprouted .They are teeny tiny.I constructed a small boundary around the shoots with pebbles so that the gardener wouldn't accidentally uproot them. I wasn't even sure if the plant would grow,but now that it has,hopefully it will grow.