Funny app

I don’t know why I didn’t download this app before.
Talking cat is so funny.All of us have found a new hobby trying to say as different words as possible so that the cat will copy us.


Happy Ramazan

Today enforced the fact that things can change in an instant.A simple sentence or word can make or break your day.

Anyways I caught up with two of my favorite cousins today.
It was a good change from routine.

And Ramazan is here ,so Happy Ramazan to everyone.Stay Blessed.And remember me in your prayers.


Thank you!

Oh My!

I logged in to post and i couldn’t believe it.I have a hundred followers!

It humbles me to know that a 100 people found something worth following in my posts.And it is a big thing for me.Now a days ,when the Internet is full of one distracting thing from another,even a single appreciator is something.

Honestly when I started this blog ,having followers wasn’t one of my top priorities,but that doesn’t mean I am ungrateful,I want to thank all of you who deemed my common posts worth acknowledging.

And this happened at a time when I took the guts to upload a project of mine,which I was to scared to show anyone.I don’t know if it will be fruitful ,but even taking this simple step today is a big thing for me.So the knowledge that ,no matter what ,someone likes my attempts to celebrate and enjoy life ,just made my day.

So once again: Thank You!

New Plant

I checked on my plants and was in for a pleasant surprise.
New shoots sprouted .They are teeny tiny.I constructed a small boundary around the shoots with pebbles so that the gardener wouldn’t accidentally uproot them.
I wasn’t even sure if the plant would grow,but now that it has,hopefully it will grow.

Family politics

Wow what a day.The first half was quiet and just routine.But the second half,A whirlwind.Unexpected visitors.A lot of family news.Couple of revelations and quiet a few things about family came into the open.I don’t know why some people have to be so cryptic.Why can’t they say the things as they are,when things have a tendency to show themselves.

As happened today .A family rumor was flying around and there were so many twists on the story.But when the reality surfaced ,it was pretty straightforward.Sigh.
Family politics can be draining ,yes,but they can also be sometimes quiet entertaining.

Give me a chicken sandwich and a comfy chair and you can tell me as many stories as you want. I am a good listener.

Cherries ,Career and Constants

Due to connection problems I couldn’t do any web surfing.So I naturally had a lot of free tome .Most of which I spent talking to my friends.

I have decided to plant trees .Because I have really started to enjoy spending time in the outdoors.And one of my goals is to plant as many trees as possible.And since I know ,that only thing to do to actually follow your goals is to get up and do it.Without any ado I took some cherry seeds and planted them in my garden.Now they may grow ,they may not.I don’t even know if its the proper season to plant them.I just had to take the first step.I can at least say that I tried.And it is exciting.I hope it works.

On another note I contacted a friend of mine who is a teacher.She informed me that she has been given the job of a web developer ,as she took computer science as a minor and knows languages.And here is the thing.She is out of practice and has forgotten most of the things and was asking for my help.Web designing and developing is somewhat of a passion of mine,even though I never studied it in college.Its mostly self taught knowledge.But Im helping her as much as I can.While talking to her I realized one thing,even though I like web designing I didn’t like the thought of sitting in an office and working for half of my day confined in a room,no matter how much I liked the work.I guess freelancing has its benefits.The big reason for me is that I like the great outdoors and globe trotting is a dream of mine.If there is a job that pays me for traveling I would love to take it.

Today another friend of mine ,who recently got married ,contacted me.She hasn’t changed a bit.I don’t know why ,but when someone gets married , I expect them to change a little.And another friend of mine actually has.But the friend ,whom I talked to today,was still the same.She gave me a lecture for not contacting her and then shared stories.I couldn’t attend her wedding so I’m expecting photographs from her today.It is nice to know that some people always remain the same.They are like a constant,which is needed in this ever changing world.