Fun is spontaneous

This morning I just had an idea.I wanted to make costume for dolls.Just like I did when I was young.This was unusual as I don’t play with dolls anymore .But my creative side wanted to sew a small gown.I even entertained the idea of sewing a doll dress for my young cousin.But then I got busy and the idea just lost its appeal.But I realized this is how kids have fun.They are spontaneous and a kid would have made clothes for her doll ,not bothering with designs or perfection.I guess when you get older you justify doing things by their importance.Does something needs to be done?Do you really want to do it?Do you have time? and so on.A kid doesn’t bother with these things.
I managed to somewhat use my creativity when I created the design on Photoshop.I designed a dress later in the day,and I had fun .


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