Party and Philosophy

What a day.Hosted a party for family.Had awesome company with kids.And then enjoyed a long discussion with my uncle,mostly about life in general and choices and decisions specifically.It ‘s so good when you find willing people to share your views with.


Visit to my aunt’s

I visited my aunt today.Usually everyone comes to visit us,but I went to their place for a change.And it was a very pleasant change.Although walking to her place wasn’t a very good idea.My legs and feet are not that happy.
But it was so good to meet them.My cousins seem all grown up and matured.

I so need to get out more.

Game of thrones or House M.D

Watched pilot of Game of Thrones today.I m looking for something interesting to watch while I wait for next season of Supernatural.I was recommended GOT .So I gave it a try.I watched first 20 minutes or so of the show ,but unfortunately I did not find it captivating enough.Although I came upon House M.D while channel surfing ,and it seems like an interesting show to me.Maybe I should give GOT another try.

My Uncle

Today I got a chance to talk with my uncle.In a way he is my mentor.Most of my ideals and my perspective on things have been influenced by his advice.Those teenage years when you need someone to talk to ,someone who understands you,this uncle of mine always had something to assure me or guide me.He is more of a friend than an intimidating adult.
But for the last couple of years we kind of fell out of touch.He had his family and I had my hobbies and work to keep me busy.
Today we had a chance to talk freely again,and I realized I missed those days and I’m pretty sure he does also,because we have so many common interests and topics to share.
And very few people these days have time or are willing to listen to others.So,I think I need to have more discussions with him, to listen to him and to get his advice.