Fresh Fruit for Breakfast and Divergent

I decided yesterday to eat healthy,or at least try to.So this morning I ate mixed fresh fruit with a little corn flakes and milk and no sugar.I’ll be honest it wasn’t that easy to not eat my usual breakfast,and I had to gulp it down mostly.But it made me feel proud and happy that I at least tried it.

I am not sure that I will be able to make it a habit. But eating healthy is necessary,so maybe i’ll try it, now and then.

On another note,I take back what I first said about Divergent.It is not at all predictable like most Young Adult novels.I did not expect the end.Finished the series in a week,so obviously it had me hooked,and I liked it.

Aside from that , I still think that I need to try reading new genres,even if only to change my tastes and having more reading choices available than fantasy or fiction only.

But Divergent series is an  interesting read.I don’t want to reveal much ,in case any one hasn’t read it yet.But it is nicely written.


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