Enjoying cooking

I used to not like cooking very much.But ever since I have accepted it as a responsibility and actually trying to find new ways to cook every day food, I have started to enjoy it.I might still not say it out loud that I am starting to enjoy being a cook now and then,but it is still true.Today I made spicy mince meat and rice ,and I gave it my own twist.The dish turned out yummy, if I say so myself,but other diners also assured me that it was a tasty dish.So happy when a dish turns out ok.


Fashion illustrations are fun

Finished another fashion illustration today using Photoshop.Fashion designing is one of the things that I really enjoy doing.And I’ve been pursuing this passion of mine by following online tutorials.
I usually work better when I have a certain goal or challenge to fulfill.That is why I found a 100 themes fashion challenge.So far I’ve done 13 themes and its been so much fun.


I read a new book today which states 100 scientific proved ways to happiness.Almost all the articles on happiness including this book recommend exercise.And they advice writing down what makes you happy .Ive been doing these exercises.Today I spent time reflecting what actually makes me happy rather than what I think will make me happy.It was an interesting thing to do.

Watching funny cat videos

I am wasting my time on the Internet .Got a lot of unfinished work to do  but I’m watching funny cat videos.Now I know why everyone is so obsessed with them.

I need to finish my work,but I don’t feel too bad about it.I work everyday,and sometimes you just need to relax.And watching funny videos is relaxing.

Keeping in Touch

I ve been trying to keep in touch with my friends but sometimes its difficult.I decided to call my friend today who recently got married.And it was so nice to talk to her.Unlike so many people I know , she hasnt changed a bit after her wedding.Still the same as before and still easygoing and easy to talk to.It was fun.

I wish I could keep in touch with friends more often.