Roses,grandparents and Gadget break

Either Im turning too old or Im starting to appreciate nature more.Because recently ,I feel gravitated towardrs being outdoors whenever I feel down.Or when I need to uplift my spirits I just want to sit in the garden .

And I was really happy to see a quartet of roses ,that bloomed together ,today.So beautiful.

I think there comes a phase in every ones life,when we just want to lose ourselves in nature.             

But of course we cant abandon our social obligations either.There comes a look of pure delight  on my grandmothers face ,when I sit with her to have tea.Its a simple and small thing to give someone company,but it might mean a lot to someone ,specially elders.         


Starting from today Im going to give myself a break from my gadgets.I will try not to use my pc and cell for a week.With the exception of posting on my blog ,of course.

Hopefully I’l be able to stay off my pc ,and spend more time with family and friends.


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