Precious Moments and Cell Phones

You know one of those spontaneous fun moments that you share with your siblings or your friends.An inside joke,a laugh,things like that.

After having such a moment today,I realized something.

After a fun moment,we all just went back to our cell phones.We had a laugh and minutes later,it was quiet.Because someone had to check their messages or surf the Internet or read a new book on their e reader.

How much the technology is affecting our lives and sense of community.when we were younger and their weren’t so many gadgets,we spent more time doing things with others ,as compared to now.I hear people complaining about lack of time or about less face to face interaction  with family and friends,less quality time.And just how much of this is because we are busy checking status and updates on our cells.

Enjoying life also includes  sharing laughs with others,listening to one another and just enjoying others company.

We need to turn off our cells and pc’s ,even if for a little while,just so we can enjoy precious moments with friends and family.


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