Sunlight is Soothing

I went to herb garden to pick some mint.The scent was so beautiful.But my favorite thing?Sunlight.I just loved the  sunlight.It was so soothing and warm .Not to mention bright and lively.

When I went to school,I used to hate the heat and the sunlight.It bothered me..

But for past few years,I just forgot about the light.I got so involved in petty life problems,that I forgot the nature.

When I was young I used to wonder why the elders liked sunlight too much.Now I know.They are so trapped in their thoughts ,in the pits of their worries,in the dark uncertainties,that nature seems like the only place of comfort.The soothing rays are cleansing.

I experienced this today.The world is beautiful,it is peaceful,it is calming.

We can find solace in it.




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