Letter to Future:At the End of the Road

I read yesterday about writing a letter to your future self.
When you ask someone to write to future, the most probable reply is,what
future?I might not be here then.
But yesterday I read that writing letter to your future self can actually
be used as a technique to find out what you want to do with your life,thus
giving you a clue as to what to do in your present,to achieve
your goals.
In this perspective it is quiet an eye opening technique.
I think if you ask a lot of people,what they want their life to be,at the
end ,most of them want fulfillment.Not necessarily money wise,but to have
happiness,some one by their side.No regrets regarding your life
decisions.But most of all to have lived life to its fullest by doing what
they wanted,no matter how small or trivial.
The real question is ,that after making your goals,are you able to go for
Most of us are sure of ourselves,full of confidence,until a roadblock in
the path of life makes us stumble.
And most of us ,after the stumble,instead of focusing on our
destination,worry about the next stumble.Asking ourselves:What if I fall again?What if I
make  a wrong turn?will the next road block be the worst?.And what if I take
a wrong turn and end up on the wrong path ?Only a few persistent ones  get
up ,their clothes and move on.The rest of us get stuck,bogged down with
worries and uncertainties.
In such a situation clearing your vision and focusing on your
goal is what makes you move forward. If only we could!
Living in the present ,is what we need ,while looking at the horizon.
Thats why we need to enjoy every moment.
Writing a letter to future ,provides a moment of clarity and hope.

And hope is the fuel of life.


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