Happiness Project

Ever since I have started this blog , I ‘v e been finding stuff which is related to enjoying life.Recently I discovered  Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project.It is also geared towards finding joy in every day life.I liked the goals mentioned in the book,but monthly goal setting approach is not something that I am sure  I can  follow.The goals are supposed to be achieved in a specific month.Maybe this works for a lot of people,but in my experience,doing something joyful daily,and something different every day,makes it easy to keep following the goals.

I also found out “The power of now ” on goodreads. I m going to read it next.


Velvet flowers

I have become from a person who hated sunlight to someone who absolutely loves sunlight.Since I don’t usually get enough time to go outdoors,any time I can get in sun ,I just cherish it.

I spent some time outside in my garden,but today instead of just watching flowers,I felt the soft petals and textures.Specially the velvety texture of poppies was beautiful.


Two books

Read two books today.The one that made me really sad was “The fault in our stars”.I usually don’t read books like this,but I am glad I picked this one up.Moving story.

The other that I am reading is the third installment in “The Kane chronicles”,and nothing lightens my mood better than Rick Riordan books.Both the books are opposite ,but I enjoyed them both.

Watching comedy show now.

41 Days

Having a routine ,something to look forward to is the best way to avoid negative thoughts.

While surfing the web ,I found out that to make something a habit ,it should be done continuously for 41 days at least .My resolve to stay away from pc and cell did not work out so well.Mostly because I overlooked the fact that for my daily work I have to use my pc. So,the resolution should have been more specific,I should avoid my pc and cell to update status or to check unnecessary likes or comments.Also minimum online gaming time.

Keeping all of this in mind,I tried to follow some basic goals today.Things like drinking proper amount of water,exercising for 7 minutes at least ,and to take proper care of my skin.I managed to do these things with somewhat ease today.So I have decided to try to keep on doing these things for at least 41 days ,so that they become habits.

Accomplishing small tasks and looking forward to next one ,kept me in the present.

I enjoyed following my routine ,and hopefully ,keep on following it.


Coffee Time

I was pretty excited about trying a new brand of coffee today,being a big fan of coffee.

The cappuccino was ok ,though not as good as I had expected it to be.But still it was coffee.I enjoyed it with strawberry oreos.

Yay for coffee!

Shopping Fun

Went shopping today and found new places to shop at.It was fun.And I discovered new things today.

Enjoyed myself but also got a bit tired because my aunt , who I went shopping with,likes to  browse everything and tries to make a best buy.

For someone like me who doesnt like to go to markets that much,it was enjoyable to shop today.

Awaken the giant within

Everyone needs motivation from time to time.Books on motivation and self help are  a good source to keep you motivated.

I am reading Awaken the giant within by Anthony Robbins.What an amazing book.Even though it was written in 90’s, its rules are still applicable today.