Flock of Sparrows

Have you ever observed the birds when you go on a walk,or just sit in the garden.Watching them while they go on about doing their” bird” things, is really entertaining.

A flock of sparrows  was sitting on a branch,when I went for a walk today.Those little birds could just not sit still,they jumped from branch to branch.Later when crumbs were scattered for the birds,the weak sparrows had to stay back,while the powerful crows had their fill.

After the half dozen crows left,the sparrows,descended from the branches and pecked on the crumbs and seeds.Even though they were scrambling to get the  best crumbs,still the birds did everything in groups.It was as if their every move was synchronized.If one bird flew ,the rest of the flock followed.

The  joyful sparrows were a delight to watch.This combined with the scent of wet grass,made my stroll really enjoyable.


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