Let Out Your Inner Extrovert

Is there a thing like too much talking?There is a limit after which ,if you talk too much ,people start taking you less seriously. Iam saying this from experience.Always been outgoing and too talkative,I was something of a life of the party,I had opinion on everything ,which usually lead to heated arguments.Gradually,people started picking on me and I was forced to talk back.

But then I slowed it down,I realized that for my self respect I had to keep some of my opinions to myself.For last few years ,I have been some what of an introvert.Not completely of course,my dry wit always surfaces now and then. I have learned that everybody has an opinion,if you oppose them ,than usually people will force you to accept their point of view.My conclusion,you may have to listen to their opinion ,but if its not necessary ,you don’t have to comment.If you disagree ,then its your opinion,you don’t have to say anything.Though this doesn’t mean that you should not voice your thoughts. But there are some situations where its better to stay quiet,when voicing your opinion wont change others mind and will lead to arguments.These are my opinions of course.Everyone has a different way of communicating.

Having said all that,recently,I have been craving social company,gathering of  like minded people and healthy debates.Today presented an opportunity when we hosted a dinner party.

Family and friends brought out my extrovert.Which has been surfacing for a while ,as lately I have been reconnecting with my friends.But now that I have observed people surrounding me,I found that now I am better able to bring forth my point because I know when to speak and when not to.

Even so tonights gathering was fun,easy chat and conversation,brought out the fun side in me.Why do we have to always think about ourselves.Indulging in our own thoughts makes life stagnant,surrounding yourself with people,makes life happening.Stop taking life so seriously.Communicate.Relax.Enjoy.

I guess my becoming introvert had something to do with trying to become more mannered and respectful.While these are good things,one should not eclipse there real personality.Idid not become a complete introvert of course,but my real self was also suppressed.

Now I am trying to be myself again,as i used to be more fun loving,carefree and outgoing.But this time I somewhat know ,how to carry on conversation with someone while respecting everyones opinion.

Life happens ,and few experiences force us to wallow in our own thoughts.But that should not happen.We need to be happy ,and live in the present.

Sometimes bringing out your inner extrovert becomes necessary.So go on,enjoy peoples company.Laugh ,talk.Get out of your thoughts wrapped around yourself,and share some good moments with those close to you.

Enjoy people and company.After all we are social animals.



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