Change your look ,Change the channel

When was the last time you changed your look.Maybe a new haircut ,a new wardrobe or maybe a new lipstick shade?

When you change something in yourself,you feel new all of a sudden ,it pleases you and refreshes you.I had a haircut today,a totally new thing for me,because I was on a personal mission to grow my hair as long as I could.After a very long time ,and below waist hair,I decided to cut them today.I didn’t  think too much about it,and just let the stylist do her work.The result,very short hair but a completely new and fresh look.I really like this .But the best part ,this has made me really happy and positive today .

So, a change ,no matter how small is sometimes inevitable.And not to mention ,that others also notice your change and this freshens your surroundings too.So go ahead change something.It doesn’t have to be something expensive.Try wearing your wrist watch on the other arm.Or change your shoes ,or just flip your hair the other way.You will feel the change in your self and this will lead to change your view about the world around you.

Sometimes change can be enjoyable.


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