Pour your heart out

We’ve all got problems weighing heavy on our hearts.A nagging worry ,something so bad ,that it makes us lose hope .Talk to someone when that happens.Someone who will not judge you ,or even better someone who has been through what you are experiencing right now.

Believe  me,if you talk to someone,if you just put it out in the air ,what you are feeling,it reduces the burden.You might not necessarily find a solution,but talking it out actually helps clear your mind.It cleanses your cloudy brain.A positive outlook from someone else,reminds you that all hope is not lost.Most of the problem is in your head.And problems keep on coming ,thats life.What we need is hope and faith.And having someone who will listen to us, is always  a plus.

Thanks to my friend who helped clear my thoughts,and who listened to me.

It was refreshing.I hope i will remember this.

Pour your heart out to someone you trust ,and just enjoy life.


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