Surprise Visit

Had a surprise visit from a second cousin today.Nothing compares to the company of your own age fellows.You share a special kind of  kinship.We had so much fun.Easy conversation and jokes.

Really enjoyable visit.


Playing Crossword puzzles

I solved  online crossword puzzles today.I have been playing scrabble online and really enjoying

playing it.But so far I have only been winning in easy mode.Need more practice in medium mode.Guess my vocabulary isn’t that great.

So ,I decided to play crosswords ,and they are as much fun.They are also a source of exercise for mind.Keeps your knowledge fresh and also tests it.

Family gathering

Had a family gathering today.Our extended family came over for tea and dinner.

I was given the responsibility to look over cooking  a couple of dishes for dinner.And I had quite a time doing it,since I don’t have  that much of an experience, when it comes to cook for parties.And if I may say so myself ,it went ok.

Feeling accomplished .

Mood uplifter

Ah the great feeling of achievement.

Finally getting the hang of Java Script.Just learned how to code  a simple Rpg browser based game.Nothing fancy ,just basics.But I have to say,JavaScript isn’t that bad.

Anyways,I still haven’t leaned how not to let words affect me,completely.So ,was feeling a bit blue for a while ,but now watching Get Smart.This is so funny.And has managed to lighten my mood.

Go enjoy a funny movie.It can have an incredible effect on your mood.

Funny Videos

Watched funny clips today.So funny!.Well some of them were.

It takes a lot of confidence to laugh at your own expense,and giving people something to laugh at.

I enjoyed these clips .In these hectic days,we should grab any chance of joy we can get.And good comedy videos are one of them .

Chocolate and Exercise

Increased my exercise duration today .This also includes walking .I m thinking about doing meditation also.

But my extra exercise is becoming necessary,seeing as I couldn’t stop myself from indulging in chocolates.Really ,I didn’t even try to stop myself.It was worth it though,Snickers is just so delicious .

But I enjoyed eating chocolate.I guess I should allow myself to eat one,once in a while.

Flock of Sparrows

Have you ever observed the birds when you go on a walk,or just sit in the garden.Watching them while they go on about doing their” bird” things, is really entertaining.

A flock of sparrows  was sitting on a branch,when I went for a walk today.Those little birds could just not sit still,they jumped from branch to branch.Later when crumbs were scattered for the birds,the weak sparrows had to stay back,while the powerful crows had their fill.

After the half dozen crows left,the sparrows,descended from the branches and pecked on the crumbs and seeds.Even though they were scrambling to get the  best crumbs,still the birds did everything in groups.It was as if their every move was synchronized.If one bird flew ,the rest of the flock followed.

The  joyful sparrows were a delight to watch.This combined with the scent of wet grass,made my stroll really enjoyable.

The Mummy game

Playing The Mummy pc game.Story line is a bit different fron the movie,but its an enjoyable game.                                                                                                        

On a side note,I tried some new exercises today,for a few minutes each.I need to do more than just going for a walk.