Surprise Visit

Had a surprise visit from a second cousin today.Nothing compares to the company of your own age fellows.You share a special kind of  kinship.We had so much fun.Easy conversation and jokes.Really enjoyable visit.


Mood uplifter

Ah the great feeling of achievement. Finally getting the hang of Java Script.Just learned how to code  a simple Rpg browser based game.Nothing fancy ,just basics.But I have to say,JavaScript isn't that bad. Anyways,I still haven't leaned how not to let words affect me,completely.So ,was feeling a bit blue for a while ,but now watching …

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Funny Videos

Watched funny clips today.So funny!.Well some of them were. It takes a lot of confidence to laugh at your own expense,and giving people something to laugh at. I enjoyed these clips .In these hectic days,we should grab any chance of joy we can get.And good comedy videos are one of them .