Reconnect with your dreams

Recently I talked to a very old friend of mine,who I hadn’t called for a very long time.While talking to her,I realized that she is living her dream.The plans and dreams that we made while in school, She had fulfilled them.I ,on the other hand was swallowed up by reality.Our childhood dreams no matter how big or wild,are our windows to the soul ,they are what we really are ,what we are supposed to be.

In my case I am sidetracked by the realities of life,and my real dream has been disfigured.So,I just had a flashback.Why do I worry so much?I just need to remember and reconnect with my dreams.I had an eye opening moment.

I really need to get back on track and to fill my life with positive and inspiring people.Too much negativity is toxic.

On a side note,going to watch Supernatural .Awesome show!


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