Talk to your friends!

I once read somewhere,that there is always one friend who turns into a stranger.That I found is starting  to become real for me….

I was out of touch with my friends.Today I called a friend from school who I have’nt seen for almost five years.But talking today ,it was surprising to realize,why we had lost touch. It was so much fun and easy to talk.And we were able to talk more freely now that we are not in school.

Somehow ,I think we both realized that pretenses are useless.And sometimes you need a few people with whom you can be honest and original.

I dont know whats the definition of true friend.As long as you are there for each other,no matter how far ,or how busy you are in your life,but you are still able to share and care.That what friend is.

Call your friends,text them,email them.just say Hi.But Do Not Forget Them.They are a part of your life.Cherish and Enjoy them.


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