Reconnect with your dreams

Recently I talked to a very old friend of mine,who I hadn’t called for a very long time.While talking to her,I realized that she is living her dream.The plans and dreams that we made while in school, She had fulfilled them.I ,on the other hand was swallowed up by reality.Our childhood dreams no matter how big or wild,are our windows to the soul ,they are what we really are ,what we are supposed to be.

In my case I am sidetracked by the realities of life,and my real dream has been disfigured.So,I just had a flashback.Why do I worry so much?I just need to remember and reconnect with my dreams.I had an eye opening moment.

I really need to get back on track and to fill my life with positive and inspiring people.Too much negativity is toxic.

On a side note,going to watch Supernatural .Awesome show!


Take care

Part of being able to fully enjoy life,requires you to be in the best of your health.I recently had a wake up call regarding my health.So,I thought ,that I am going to eat healthy and take care of what I eat.

So far its going great,and I am sticking to healthy food(most of the time!).I am not going to say that it is enjoyable or easy.I miss my carbonated drinks,my fries ,my junk food.But I feel really proud.I am considering myself a part of those awesome and disciplined people who eat healthy all the time.

Don’t know how long I’l stick with this healthy routine ,but as long as I am eating healthy I am going to enjoy this accomplishment .Wish me luck!

And take care of your health.

Appreciate The Little Things

This morning I found myself thinking what to do to enjoy myself today.Then I realized that the whole purpose of this blog was to enjoy everyday things.This doesn’t necessarily mean that I have to go out of my way to do enjoyable things.

So upon reflecting ,I found that pleasure can come in small things.If some one does something for you ,You should not take it for granted.Appreciate it.If you post something on a social website ,and if you even get a single like,consider it more than enough ,because someone in this busy world,gives your work enough importance to show appreciation.

And isn’t this what this all is about.Each one of us strives for appreciation.Either from our family,the world or even from ourselves.

So,just enjoy your daily small blessings.And try not to take anything for granted.

Enjoy the small moments ,for they combine to make your whole day shine.On a side note I got quite a few likes and followers on my social page ,in the last couple of days.It may not be much ,but ,I am going to appreciate it!Thank you to those who like my work!

Learn something new

Accomplishment  no matter how small ,always bring pleasure.That sense of mastering something new ,makes you look at things in a positive way.And not to mention the enthusiasm which you experience.

I finally learned Photoshop pen tool.It might be a small thing for others,but frankly I have always found it a little difficult to master.So today I focused and taught myself how to use pen tool.and I did fairly well ,if I say so myself.

And I really enjoyed it!

So,learn something new once in a while.It doesn’t have to be rocket science,small accomplishments can also be beneficial.Plus they give you something new to look forward to,and might also open new opportunities.


I am on of those people who can’t just stay still.Even when I am free ,Iam thinking about work or new things to do.

So today I had a chance to rest a little.I am not saying that I was completely  successful in calming down my brain.But comparatively ,I was relaxed and laid back and was able to enjoy my day.

I mostly just rested my body(Specifically because I’ve been recommended bed rest by the doctor),but I was also able to calm down and somewhat managed to control my wandering  brain.


So ,resting and relaxing ,with little or no worries,is and can be quiet calming.And of course enjoyable!

old and young

I visited my grandparents today.we had tea together .My baby cousins aged 2 ,4 and 6 were a delight to be near.From innocent smiles, laughter to pure joy,kids are an amazing company.I had so much fun playing with them. And grandparents are a source of free and unconditional blessings.I know you are busy,but make time to listen to stories which our elders have to tell us.You might actually enjoy yourself,like I did. It costs nothing and everyone gets to share the love.

Soak up the Sunlight

Sunlight really brightens you up,specially in the winters,when sunshine is rarely bright enough.And if you are the type of person who stays indoor most of the time,even a few moments in sun  can be really enjoyable.

I mostly remain inside both in my room,and also immersed in my own thoughts,so when I soaked up sunlight this morning,right after I woke up,it was really uplifting.It was as if the sun broke all the barriers and brightened me from the inside.It was refreshing and enjoyable,even if for a few minutes,before I dived into daily routine.

Make time and go out and actually experience the sunlight,specially in the morning.It is a gift,

and you will really enjoy it.


Unleash The creative you

Is’nt it fun to do something creative ,just the way you want,without bothering for gudelines ?

I just did some creative designs on photoshop,without worrying about rules and guides.And I really enjoyed designing what I wanted to.Its not something professional .But so what? I enjoyed  it!